Our Clients include:

Synovations® assists its clients in optimizing business opportunities through development of their Innovation Capital®.

We are flexible, focused and agile provider of Organizational Learning application and research, which methods have delivered consistently over the last 23 years.

We co-create, develop and deliver customized Organizational Learning, team and leadership development programs to prepare top talent for the complexities and challenges they face at higher levels in an organization.

INNOVATION CAPITAL® is the capability to foresee, adapt, profitably and sustainably shape and implement strategies in periods of rapid change.

Backed by the proven track record of our international team of highly skilled experts with more than 20 years of successful delivery in the field, Synovations helps organisations achieve program designs through practical application of the Systems Thinking methodology and processes as introduced by the 'Society for Organizational Learning' ('SoL', formerly the MIT Organizational Learning Center), chaired by Peter Senge Ph.D.

Synovations systems thinking practitioners enable a wider understanding and awareness of the requirements for sustainable economic value creation and capture. Their processes are designed to strengthen executives' capacity to make and execute strategic decisions.

Do any of the following scenarios apply to your company/organization?

Managing Change

Major market changes have increased the complexity of your business. Your company is in the process of reformulating its key strategies. The challenges that your executives will face in this process and its implementation are unlikely to be met by linear thinking alone. It requires wisdom in decision making and the capacity to engage in abstract thought. You are concerned with key talent's capability to understand the broader context of these challenges and successfully anticipate and respond to them.

Staff Capability

Your highest performer has been with the company 15 years, frequently promoted and in multiple business assignments. His performance makes him a candidate for C-suite responsibility. He does not, however, know how to achieve success through others, reverts back to his command and control tactics when under pressure, and is uncomfortable interacting with board members/senior leaders.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is taking a beating due to key talent being poached. In reviewing senior staffing alternatives, you are now seriously considering preparing more of your top women employees for higher level responsibilities. You would like to proceed, but are concerned that, while they excel in their current roles, they do not have the depth of experience to identify and deal with strategic issues/opportunities required at higher levels in the organization.

"No problem can be solved from the consciousness that created it."
- Albert Einstein